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Photo Name Year Foaled Sex Comment
SD Proof of Energzcy 2006 S (SD Joenergzcy x Ladys Proof)
aka "Gia"
Joenerzgy 2006 S (SS Hypnotic x Cassels Angara)
aka "Joe" in training for the endurance trail, look for him in competition 2012
SD SzZaphira 2003 M (Rawena x Gardjan)
aka "Zoie", 2 years of successful endurance competition. 
SD Expressa 2004 M (Barbarella FF x Expressive LP)
aka "Sessa"
CP Task Force 2002 G (Buckingham Bey V x CP Spring Fortune)
aka "Cisco"


*Click the Photo thumbnail for a larger picture.
SD Silwa 2004 M Heather and Silwa completed their first 50 in Oct. 2009 in 10th place, Congratulations!
Thank you, Heather Lyman
SD Baraambo 2003   Successfully doing 50's.
Thank you, Martha and Steve Chiang
SD Bardosafire 2006 G Thank you Jill Kilty-Newburn! SOLD


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